Below is a schedule for the class.  We will update this page if the schedule changes, and post to blog about the changes.

Date Travel Topic Assignment
Aug 23 Introduction to class
Overview Slides
Aug 25 Formal Elements, Unity3D
Formal Elements of Games
Katamari Video 
Aug 30 Brainstorming
Sep 1 Berklee Video Conference
Group Formation
A0 due
Sep 6  PrototypingValve Case study
Sep 8 Design Idea Presentations Pitch due
Sep 13 BM WEF Physics
SCAD/Berklee begin
Sep 15 BM WEF
(in class proto testing)
P1 due
Sep 20 BM WEF
Networking W1 due Monday
Sep 22 BM WEF (in class proto testing) P2 due
Sep 27
Game Engine Architecture
W2 due Monday
Sep 29 (in class proto testing) P3 due
Oct 4 SCAD (on your own) W3 due Monday
Oct 6 Audio
Oct 11 Alpha Demos Alpha due
Oct 13 Alpha Demos
Drop Deadline
Oct 20 Game Balance
Oct 25 BM/MB ISMAR Game Input, Controls W4 due Monday
Oct 27 BM/MB ISMAR Game AI
Nov 1 Dynamics, Fun, Accessibility W5 due Monday
Nov 3 (in class proto testing) P4 due
Nov 8 SCAD (on your own) W6 due Monday
Nov 10 (in class proto testing) P5 due
Nov 15 (in class proto testing) W7 due Monday
P6 due
Nov 17 SCAD (on your own)
SCAD/Berklee END
Nov 22 TBA W8 due Monday
Nov 29 In Class Playtesting Game Complete
Dec 1 In Class Playtesting
Dec 6 Final Presentations Final Materials Due
Dec 8 Final Presentations
Exam Week Final Presentation Spillover

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