Bug Juice

Bug Juice is a game that started with the question “What kind of game could you create on the sides of a commercial cardboard milk or juice box?”   In this game, a juice container is placed on the table, and grass appears around the base.  Bugs begin to crawl up the sides, searching for the opening at the top.  Your handheld becomes a kind of magnifying glass, and you must hold it at just the right distance to focus the light and fry the bugs.

Here is a video of the game:

The team behind the game includes:

  • Michael Stanley, BA IDGD, SCAD, Designer & Artist
  • Greg Gunn, MSHCI, Programmer
  • Bryan Hickerson, MSCS, Programmer
  • Chris Alvarez, MSCS, Programmer
  • Chris Wiggins, BS CM, Producer/Project Manager
  • Chris Ehsaei, MSEE, Programmer


    1. I suspect the game idea is not the ideal one for an advergame … but, that’s the fun of research, we don’t need to actually sell. The game mechanic and game concept is fun. Perhaps this should be billed as an “anti-advergame” … produced by people with an axe to grind?

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