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DART Installation, Step 5 of 5 - Community Resources

  • The DART Co-Web (NOTE: co-web is not currently running) serves as a sandbox for our user community. On it, you can find FAQs, sample applications, extra lingo code (including Phidgets support), and user web pages. You are encouraged to create your own pages, contribute to the FAQs, examples, and lingo support, and interact with other DART users in any way you see fit.

    Take me to the DART Co-Web (NOTE: co-web is not currently running)

  • DART is a non-profit academic project. We ask that users who download the software join the DART-Announce mailing list . This is a moderated, low-volume list that will be used to announce new versions of the software, and other related announcements. Occasionally, we will also use this list to ask our users to provide feedback through email surveys. Responding is completely voluntary, although it will help us with our research activities and (hopefully) improve DART

    Join the DART-Announce mailing list

  • We have also set up the DART-Users mailing list . This mailing list also serves as a forum for discussing all things related to DART with other DART users and the development team, and is a good place for reporting bugs and problems, making comments and so on.

    Join the DART-Users mailing list

      You're Done! The best way to get started is to play with the Template-Apps.