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DART Installation, Step 2 of 5 - Download Zip Files

Download the DART ZIP files from the download site. You will enter your email address and a password to reach the download. As of 15 April 2005, all new email addresses will be automatically added to DART-Announce, a moderated mailing list used to announce new releases of DART. We also encourage all users to subscribe to the DART-Users mailing list, which is used to ask questions, share code, report bugs, etc. Information on both of these lists can be found in step 5: DART mailing lists.

  • Go to the DART Download Site and enter your email address and password (or create a new password, if it is your first time). Download the most recent ZIP files to your machine.
  • Standard installation will include the following ZIP files (each will be tagged with a version number):
    Windows only:
    • (contains the Xtra and required DLLs)
    MAC only:
    • DART-Xtra-Mac.sitx (contains the Xtra, and 2 bundles)
    Both operating systems:
    • (contains DART-Casts, DART-Lingo, Template-Apps, Documentation, and Data)
    • Media zip files which includes:
    • As an option you can download (For Windows only), if you want to use the 3D sound capabilities. It's need to use the 3DAudioActor behavior and examples.
  • In Step 3 we describe where to unzip each of these files.