First, look at the DART Co-Web (NOTE: co-web is not currently running) and join the two mailing lists (DART-Announce and DART-Users) to stay in touch with the DART community.

You can approach DART from many levels. If you want to work directly with the Lingo behaviors we have created, use the Template-Apps distributed with the DART Download as building blocks for new applications. You may choose to take our existing behaviors and modify them or create new behaviors. For this, you will find it helpful to use the code documentation included in the DART Download. This documentation is also available online. We have Doxygen reports for the DART-Lingo and an html page that documents the DART-Xtra.

The documentation is currently incomplete, but will be improved over time. The DART Template-Apps and documentation are also acommunity effort. Please modify the co-web to fix mistakes and add any additional helpful information. Feel free to submit your own tutorial or sample applications for DART (NOTE: co-web is not currently running)

Our research group will try to fix any problems with DART that are reported to the mailing lists or added to the bugs page on the swiki, and release updates on a regular basis. In addition, this project is a joint effort with the Interactive Media Technology Center, a contract research organization at Georgia Tech. If you need to have significant changes or enhancements made to DART, IMTC researchers are available on a contract basis. Please contact the DART team for more information.