Details: Meets Monday 9-12, CCB 52

Instructor: Blair MacIntyre, blair (AT) cc (dot) gatech (dot) edu, TSRB 231
Office Hours in my office, W 11-12 and Th 1-2

Mentor 1: Gheric Speiginer, gheric.speiginer (AT) gatech (dot) edu
Office Hours are Monday: 4-5pm, and Tuesday: 2-3pm

Grading and Class Policies

Project. (50% of overall grade) This will be a substantial software implementation project, delivered in multiple “modules” throughout the semester. This will be an individual effort (no teams). Talk to the TA or instructor if you have questions, but you are required to work individually on your programs. Unless otherwise specified, each project turnin is due at 11:59PM on the evening of the announced due date.

My policy is 10% off per day late, with a maximum of 3 days late.  Since most assignments are due Tuesday evening, this means they must be in by Sunday night.

Homework. (30%) We will have some number of written assignments, ranging from code explanation (learning to talk about code) to reading reviews.

Reading Discussions. (10%) When we have reading discussions, I expect everyone to participate, and at least five people each time to propose “interesting” quotes from the readings.

Presentations. (10%) Everyone is responsible for doing one short in-class presentation during the course of the semester to describe some aspect of their project (novel design choice; overcoming some debugging problem; etc.)