Volcano Fever, Spring 2011

Volcano Fever is a handheld augmented reality game designed to teach proper condom use in a playful way.  The game was inspired by a desire to leverage vision-based AR to create an fun game that uses the condom package itself as the physical prop to which the game is attached.

Over the course of the Spring semester, the game was updated to have a sequence of three minigames (cap the volcano, unroll the condom to cover it fully, and dispose of the used condom) that mirror the three steps of proper condom use.

The team that worked on the game over the year includes:

  • Anna Mansour, MS HCI
  • Michael Downing, Computational Media
  • Bryan Hickerson, MS CS
  • Leigh Ann Kinnison, SCAD
  • Mae Tidman, Computational Media
  • Jia Zhang, MS CS
  • Tarick Khalaf, Computational Media
  • Jason Lee, MS Digital Media

Here’s a video of the project: