Below is a schedule for the class.  We expect it will change slightly as the semester progresses.  We will update this page as the schedule changes, and use t-square to send Announcements to the class.

Date Notes Topic Readings and Assignments
 Week 1: Introduction to information security
Jan 5 Introduction to information security (slides) Read (1)
Jan 7 Introductory session on Augmented Reality and related technology (slides.pdf) Read (2-4)
 Week 2: Information security laws: HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA
Jan 12 The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (financial services law) Read (5-8)
Jan 14 HIPAA and FISMA Read (9-11)
Optionally: Read (12)
 Week 3: Guest
Jan 19 MLK
Jan 21 Swire and MacIntyre out Guest lecture by David Cline, EVP/Chief Information Officer for State Bank and Trust Company Read (13)
Reading review: Instead of a review of the Collier paper, you will have a review due on January 26 about one or more key insights from the Cline class. (Therefore, January 26 you will have this and the usual review due.)
Week 4: NIST cybersecurity framework and health IT security conference
Jan 26 NIST cybersecurity framework. Read (14)
For discussion
: Imagine that you are hired by Sony in the wake of the recent attack. What steps would you recommend Sony take to comply with the Framework?
Jan 28 Data Privacy Day conference will be held at the Academy of Medicine. The conference is on health care security and privacy, including wearables and other emerging technology. Attend instead of class, at least for class period, but if you can, from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Week 5: Augmented Reality security, and cybersecurity legislation
Feb 2 Swire out AR and Security Read (15-16)
Feb 4 Cybersecurity proposed legislation
(This day’s reading may shift depending on what new bills are introduced in Congress early in 2015.)
Read (17-20)
Week 6: Cybercrime and Cyberwar
Feb 9 Cybercrime and International Cooperation Read (21-22)
Optionally, Read (23)
Feb 11 Cyberwar Read (24-25)
Optionally, Read (26)
Week 7: Open source vs. proprietary software & security
Feb 16 MacIntyre out Open Source Read (27-28)
Feb 18 Open Source, continued Read (29-31)
Week 8: Usable security
Feb 23 Swire out Usable Security I Read (32-33)
Information Security Law and Policy Paper due
Feb 25 Usable Security II Read (34-35, 48)
Week 9: Data breaches, including briefing on actual breach
Mar 2 Introduction to Data Breach Read (36)
TBA (additional background reading on data breaches)
Mar 4 Swire out Briefing by the FBI and Coca-Cola on an actual data breach No reading review due this day, but you will have a review due on March 9 about one or more key points you learned in the briefing. (Therefore, you will have this and the regular review due on March 9).
Week 10: Standards, and Implementing AR & IoT security
Mar 9 PCI-DSS (how to implement standards) Read (37-40)
Mar 11 Implementing AR, IoT, and Security Read (41, 42, 49)
Week of Mar 16: SPRING Break
Week 11: Formal approaches to cybersecurity and backdoors
Mar 23 Formal approaches to cybersecurity Read (51, 52)
Mar 25 Backdoors and surveillance Read (45, 46)
For this class, consider the readings in connection with Apple’s and Google’s announcement in 2013 that they would no longer have master keys for their smartphones, so a law enforcement order to the company would not result in plaintext of the phone’s content
Week 12: Bitcoin, and de-brief on data breach project
Mar 30 Block Chain and Bitcoin Read (43, 53)
Data Breach Project Due (March 31st)
Apr 1 Discuss and de-brief the data breach project submitted the previous day no readings or reading review due
Week 13: Cybersecurity research, ethics, and secrecy
Apr 6 MacIntyre out Project discussion  In class presentations and discussions for AR Project
Apr 8 MacIntyre out Cybersecurity Ethics Read (44)
(additional readings in announcement)
Week 14: The future of cybersecurity
Apr 13 Executive Order on Cybercrime
(readings in announcement)
Apr 15 Future of CyberSecurity Read (47)
Week 15: Project presentations
Apr 20 Student Presentations Augmented Reality security Project Due
Apr 22 Student Presentations
Exam Week
no exam