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The AR Façade Apartment

The original desktop Façade experience occurs in a relatively small, fixed setting (Trip and Grace’s apartment), so building a matching physical environment was feasible. The interior design of the apartment is purposefully minimal to focus the player’s attention on the characters rather than the apartment. The room’s objects, the post-modern décor, the character’s appearance and utterances are all meant to create a certain mood and social backdrop in Façade. We constructed the physical space to match Trip and Grace’s apartment as closely as possible, within the constraints of the lab space. The walls are made of wood and off-white, slightly stiff, linen fabric. The paintings are either blown-up versions of original Façade images or new images made to look similar to the original Façade images.We gathered a collection of furniture and knick-knacks to stand in for the rest of the apartments' furnishings.
AR Façade runs on a Windows XP laptop mounted on a lightweight external hiking frame with a small pouch to hold wires and a battery for the camera. The player wears an eMagin Z800 3DVisor headmounted display, mounted on a medical headband. The display has two bright, high-contrast OLED displays and a 40 degree diagonal field of view, and is integrated with an extended-head Point Grey DragonFly camera (pointing forward) and an Intersense IS-1200 Vistracker (pointing upwards).