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Homework 2: Reflection on the Politics of an Artifact

Due Date: Mon Feb 8 at 11:59pm
Format: Approximately 2 to 3 pages, double spaced, 12 pt font
Grading criteria: Completeness
Insight into issues

Pick a technology that uses computing in some fashion, and describe what values and politics it embodies. Speculate about what implications of the technology are likely intentional, and which ones are likely unintentional. Also consider implications for different groups affected by the technology. You may want to consider marginalized groups like victims of domestic violence or stalking, or people who live under authoritarian regimes.

Examples of possible topics include:

Please include at least three references, in APA format. It’s OK for this assignment if they are articles in the popular press or blog posts. Later in the term we will do research focused on peer-reviewed sources.

It is OK for this assignment to express personal opinions, but please make it clear what is opinion in your paper.